Exclusive: details of a leak of 100 million vehicles in Brazil | Antivirus and security

We talk here about a data leak that exposed 220 million Brazilians (including dead people) and 40 million CNPJs. It comes with a third-party database distributed for free on the internet: Tecnoblog, this file provides information on more than 100 million vehicles in Brazil, including production, style, chassis and number plates – both according to … Read more

Google helps find vaccination sites against COVID-19 | Congratulations

Google will mark vaccination sites against COVID-19 in searches and on Maps. The services will display details about the schedule and immunization requirements. The information will be announced in the next few weeks in some US states and according to the company, will reach users in other countries in the future. Google marks immunization sites … Read more

Algar tries to prevent the only network agreement between Vivo and Claro | Telecommunication

Operator Algar Telecom ask Where is it (Administrative Council on Defense Economy) acts as an “interested third party” in the process of reviewing the approval of a single network between Direct and ventilation. The miner resisted the possible agreement between the operators, highlighting the fact that both candidates are leaders in the “monopolized” mobile phone … Read more

Twitter starts testing Birdwatch against misinformation | Internet

Twitter has begun testing in the United States an anti-misinformation initiative with the help of its users. Birdwatch allows you to add contextual notes to tweets deemed misleading. The idea is to react quickly to fake news and misinformed content before they reach the platform. Us Today we are introducing @Birdwatch, a community-based approach to … Read more