Cryptocurrencies become the topic of the World Economic Forum | Business

The World Economic Forum promotes two sessions on cryptocurrencies on its current agenda. Held in Davos, Switzerland, the summit will provide a pivotal vision of the cryptocurrency economy and will impact the regulatory future of digital currencies as it solves the problem in global level. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this 2021 edition will also … Read more

Apple changes hardware director to focus on “new project” | Business

THE apple announced a “dance chair” in its executive board on Monday (25). With this change, the company’s senior vice president of hardware engineering, Dan Riccio, will step down to focus on a “new project”. This position will be assumed by John Ternus, the current Vice President of Hardware Engineering. The Apple store in Beijing, … Read more

YouTube changes rules and prohibits piracy videos | Internet

THE YouTube began banning piracy teaching videos. Streaming platform Google updated its rules to combat video with instructions to avoid paying for digital content or services, such as music, games, etc. YouTube app (Image: Hello, I’m Nik / Unsplash) The information comes from a document submitted by YouTube to the UK parliament TorrentFreak already have … Read more

Google Chrome hides notification details when sharing screens | Application and software

User Google Chrome Now there’s more privacy when sharing your screen. THE Google announced, on Monday (25), a feature that details the warnings issued by the browser while the desktop is transmitted during a video call, for example. Google Chrome on MacBook (Image: Caio / Pexels) Google Chrome brings more privacy when sharing your screen … Read more