Resident Evil RE: Verse will be a multiplayer game with heroes and villains | Game

Capcom has announced the launch of Resident Evil RE: VerseThe new, multiplayer game will bring all the characters, heroes and villains, from the story Resident Evil. The launch date is scheduled for May 7, but the beta will go live on PS4 and Xbox One on January 28.

Resident Evil RE: Verse launches in May (Image: Disclosure / Capcom)

Resident Evil RE: Verse launches in May (Image: Disclosure / Capcom)

Resident Evil RE: Versand it’s a game of its own, but it can only be downloaded by buyers of Resident Evil Village, the new game in the saga, which launches on the same day – May 7 – at no extra charge. It is not known if Capcom plans to launch the RE: Verse later, with a separate price tag.

In the first trailer, only one map is shown: the Raccoon Municipal Police Department, Resident Evil 2 and 3. Characters like Jill Valentine, Hunk, Nemesis, and Leon S. Kennedy are all confirmed.

Watch the trailer:

Gameplay will be in a ‘deathmatch’ style. Will be able to control the characters, but they can transform if they are killed and start hunting other players.

Resident Evil RE: Verse will have similar gameplay Resident Evil 2 and 3 Remake, but with graphics more focused on the “cartoon” side.

Resident Evil village

The launch of the Resident Evil village has been confirmed by Capcom, with pre-sales already commenced worldwide. The eighth major game in the series will return to Ethan Winters, from Resident Evil 7, and will bring other surprises, such as new enemies.

The game will still be voiced in Portuguese, but it’s not known if the same will happen to Resident Evil RE: Verse.

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