Fortnite launches the Terminator and Sarah Connor costumes Game

Fortnite won two more outfits inspired by celebrities this season: T-800 and Sarah Connor, both of which are known characters from the saga movies destroyer. Both are part of the Futuristic War set, already available in the game store – but for a limited time.

The Terminator Heroes included in Fortnite (Image: Epic Revelation / Game)

The Terminator Heroes included in Fortnite (Image: Epic Revelation / Game)

The T-800 and Sarah Connor are sold for 2,800 V-Bucks, which is about R $ 60. The complete package also comes with personalized options for two characters, back trim and Cyberdine gestures, with Fire hand – one of the scene icons in the movie.

Characters, accessories and gestures can be purchased separately, but the price will be higher, with no discount in the single package.

As usual, more packages are expected to be released at the end of the current season, ending in March.

Season stars

The current season’s Fortnite Its theme is “hunters”, bringing celebrities famous for their non-stop hunting trips. In addition to the T-800 and Sarah Connor, we also have Kratos, Master Chief and even Predator inspired outfits.

The highlight is Mandalorian, Star Wars, that was part of the Battle Pass of the season. A hero can be recruited with his Beskar armor and Baby Yoda can also be used as a belt accessory.

The Battle Pass costs 1,000 V-Bucks, around R $ 25, or can be purchased with a Fortnite Club subscription, priced at R $ 38 per month.

With information: Epic game.

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