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THE Microsoft has announced new features for Microsoft Edge This Thursday (21). Now, with version 88, browser users will be able to sync their history and open tabs with other devices, there will be themes, password generators, etc.

Microsoft Edge (Image: Playback)

Microsoft Edge (Image: Playback)

The update adds some new features to the Microsoft browser. Start by syncing history and tabs with a mobile phone and a computer using the same profile. To activate the new function, the company explained that it was necessary to access browser settings.

Microsoft Edge 88 brings themes, password generators, and more

Edge 88 also supports themes for users to customize the browser according to their preferences. In addition, to be more secure, the browser now has a native password generator. “This month, we’re releasing a password generator to help keep you and your family safer online,” they said.

The new version also features freezing tabs and saving RAM, such as viewing new Outlook emails through the new tab page and searching for parts of text in the sidebar. For macOS users, Microsoft has released the feature to automatically switch the configuration to the browser version for the Apple computer.

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