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The federal government has put in place a system to facilitate the opening of companies over the internet. Balcão Único, as it was called, replaced services at various public institutions by interacting only in a virtual environment. With this platform, company founding data is sent instantly and documents released almost automatically.

One-stop shop in São Paulo (Photo: Copy)

One-stop shop in São Paulo (Photo: Copy)

Balcão Único allows companies to be registered in the Individual Entrepreneur (EI), Personal Limited Liability Company (EIRELI) and Sociedade Limitada (LTDA) categories. The tool also facilitates obtaining permits, as needed, and registering hired employees.

In the first phase, Balcão Único will be dedicated to the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. According to the Economy Department’s Special Secretariat on Trademark Reduction, Management and Digital Government, which leads the project with the Federal Tax Service, the goal is to expand services to entrepreneurs across the country. in the near future.

Platform that integrates the federal government system with the systems of state and municipal governments. Created by Serpro (Federal Data Processing Service), it is provided by the Trade Council of each state.

When introducing the service, the federal government highlighted a World Bank report that, in 2019, placed Brazil 138th out of 190 countries in the ranking that measures ease of ease into up of companies. The survey found that this process in the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro depends on at least 11 procedures and takes an average of 17 days to complete.

The government hopes that Baltic Australia will help improve the quantity and make the process faster. “All the steps required to register and run a business can be done in a single, online, automated, free response. Without a doubt, this is a revolution in opening a company in Brazil, ”said the director of the National Integration and Business Registration Bureau, André Santa Cruz.

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