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THE YouTube began banning piracy teaching videos. Streaming platform Google updated its rules to combat video with instructions to avoid paying for digital content or services, such as music, games, etc.

YouTube app (Image: Hello, I'm Nik / Unsplash)

YouTube app (Image: Hello, I’m Nik / Unsplash)

The information comes from a document submitted by YouTube to the UK parliament TorrentFreak already have access. According to a dedicated website on Monday (25), the streaming platform updated its malicious and harmful content policy in September to ban videos that teach piracy.

YouTube prohibits piracy videos

In the new regulations, publications containing “instructions on how to avoid paying for digital content or services” are prohibited. In other words, for publicity, video should not explain how to “use apps, websites or other information technology to get free unauthorized access”.

In addition to music, the policy also focuses on other types of “typically billing” unauthorized access that can be featured on videos published on YouTube. This is the case with audiovisual content, games, software or streaming services.

Other actions to combat piracy on part of Google’s video streaming platform have been revealed by TorrentFreak. This is the case of a name dispute resolution registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) against a service that converts and downloads videos from the service.

YouTube also added a new section to the rules, though not related to piracy, focusing on theft or fraud instruction. According to the updated policy, videos that show “how to steal tangible goods or promote dishonest behavior” may not be sent to viewers.

With information: TorrentFreak

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