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The World Economic Forum promotes two sessions on cryptocurrencies on its current agenda. Held in Davos, Switzerland, the summit will provide a pivotal vision of the cryptocurrency economy and will impact the regulatory future of digital currencies as it solves the problem in global level. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this 2021 edition will also be the first to be streamed.

World Economic Forum 2019 (World Economic Forum / Flickr)

World Economic Forum 2019 (World Economic Forum / Flickr)

Who will attend the sessions?

THE description in advance from both events says: “COVID-19 promoted a long currency exchange”. Focusing on these changes in financial markets and global economic dynamics, the Forum seeks to address the future cryptocurrencies can forge. “Meanwhile, central bank digital currencies are emerging, capable of transforming the way people use money around the world,” the text continues.

Sessions titled “Reset digital currency” take place today, Monday (25) and on Thursday (28). The first session featured five speakers, including British Central Bank President Andrew Bailey and Hikmet Ersek, President and CEO of Western Union.

On Thursday, four other speakers will speak. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Singapore’s senior government minister, and Zhu Min, president of the Beijing National Financial Research Institute, were among the highlights.

Introduction to the Davos dome

Spurred by the World Economic Forum, the Davos summit will take place for five days, from 25 to 29 January. This is the first event of 2021 and brings together a number of government and political figures. management in the world.

In this edition, the cryptocurrency will be featured in the topic “More Fair Economy”. Other topics to be discussed at the world event will be: “Technology for good”, “How to save the planet” and “A healthy future”.

The forum is already active with blockchain and CBDC

The World Economic Forum is updating itself with new technologies existing in the global economy. The network of Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and stablecoins is becoming increasingly involved, which has prompted the organization to form a group dedicated to analyzing this market.

A survey conducted last month by the team described blockchain technology as one of the main drivers in “sustainable digital finance”. Another topic that is increasingly widespread in the Forum discussions is the so-called CBDC, or central bank digital currency.

In a joint effort by more than 40 central banks, financial institutions and academic researchers, the institution announced the development of a project on this cryptocurrency. Since January 2020, the team has sought to help governments evaluate, design, and potentially implement CBDCs.

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