Apple is accused of selling outdated iPhone

THE apple was the target of a new class-action lawsuit in Europe due to scheduled sales of outdated iPhones. The charge is related to the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus models with limited performance (a case appeared in 2017). The company may have to compensate consumers for 60 million euros.

iPhone 6s (Photo: Paulo Higa / Tecnoblog)

The lawsuit was filed by Altroconsumo, the Italian consumer protection association – and came after two lawsuits in Belgium and Spain. Preliminary information also says a fourth action will be submitted in Portugal.

In November 2020, Apple had to pay $ 113 million after similar fees in the United States. The lawsuit claims that the company programmed to intentionally slow down its old smartphones to spur the sale of new models or new batteries, which would bring the brand around $ 500 million (around 25 dollars by phone).

According to Els Bruggerman, the head of policy and oversight of Euroconsumers (an organization that brings together many consumer protection organizations in Europe), the region is looking for “similar fairness and respect”. for US consumers. Bruggerman also stressed the damage from an environmental standpoint, rating Apple’s attitude as “completely irresponsible”.

Process intended to compensate consumers

Italy filed a fine lawsuit against Apple for planning outdated in 2018, however the money was earmarked for funds from regulators. This new lawsuit aims to compensate affected consumers. Altroconsumo claims an average of 60 euros per affected iPhone owner.

For its part, Apple denies the accusations of outdated programming and says that the update limits the performance of the iPhone in order to make them last longer, avoiding interruptions during use. At the time, the company apologized for what happened and started allowing users to prevent slowing down their smartphones.

With information: MacRumors and TechCrunch

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