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Is this a good app for children to learn math?

What is this? And Is This Games actually safe for your children?

Learn maths for kids easily or Kids math game for 1 grade is a free learning math tutorial by which kids learn math with fun and enjoy learning arithmetics operation like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This Math application also have greater then , lesser then, in which kids learn 6 is greater then 7 or lesser. Arrange the number
Another feature of this math tutorial is to find next number in sequence , guess the previous number in sequence,
guess the next number in sequence. this is something like Guessing game for kids. The whole application is like a math fun game which helps kids to revise arithmetic problems and there class work. Kids face issue in reverse counting , greate then lesser then , what comes next but this application helps kids to learn math with fun.

Do you need to pay for using it? No. It’s completely free. It does not contain any in-app purchases at all. It is suitable for any children that are three years old or more.

It is built based on the web version and featuring on-the-go versions of their most popular games.

Is Coolmath Games actually safe for your children?

Although this is an app for kids, it does not come with any thorough instructions for gameplay.

If your kids have not used the web versions before, they may have some difficulty understanding how to play games and how to reach the goals.

Besides, many of the games in the app are not fully optimized for mobile devices. This means some actions must be complete on a desktop or a laptop computer, not on a smartphone or a tablet.

With more than 80 games packed in one app and more added all the time, it’s is very fun for every kid and every type of interest.

Some games in the app involve counting, while others are logic puzzles in game form. It has every game ranging from simplistic to sophisticated. For me, the app is very appropriate for pre-K children through middle school.

Because the app is so extensive and offers a wide variety to choose from, it can also be distracting for younger players.


And you – their parents – should spend more time playing with your kids. I am sure that your kids are happiest when having their parents beside them.

And you should monitor your kids’ activity to ensure they are not spending too much time on the tablet or smartphone.

And if your children are older than thirteen, you should consider using Walkthrough Math Game.

Walkthrough Math Game is best for students older than thirteen. Because it focuses more on provide acknowledge about algebra, pre-calculus, and more!

Although Walkthrough Math Game is fun, it has very little math. It’s like be more of a brain-training website than a math curriculum focused education resource.

But, it does not have a mobile version yet. So if your kids does not have a computer, you need to buy them one.

In conclusion

For me, if you are looking for them to improve your children’s thinking skills and be kept busy, then Coolmath Games is a free way to consider.

You can download the app at:

But if you want them focusing more on math facts more, then you should give a try.

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