Fortnite launches Predator skin and Lara Croft | Game

Who bought the current Battle Pass from Fortnite Now can try to get your dress Carnivores, celebrities from the cinema, who are present in special missions. Additionally, the game will likely soon feature costumes inspired by Lara Croft, from Tomb Raider, and Terminator.

Predator available in Fortnite (Image: Reproduction / Felipe Vinha)

Predator available in Fortnite (Image: Reproduction / Felipe Vinha)

The Predator is just one of the possible rewards. It is also possible to rescue aerosols, pickaxes in the form of claws, emojis and decorate the back – a large skull of an alien creature.

To get the Predator it is necessary to remove it. He is an in-game boss, controlled by a computer and wandering inside Furtiva Fortress, north of the map. Fortnite. By defeating him, the player can save his appearance.

Anyone who beats a character in the game will also receive a special item used only for that round: a stealth device, which keeps you invisible for a while, with continuous reloads.

Other items – pick, makeup, spray, among others – are obtained with different quests, some done with Predator’s own outfit.

Other characters in Fortnite

Other characters must also come Fortnite in costume form. Lara Croft is one of the possibilities.

All by Twitter users Mang0e_, is known to leak information from Fortnite Before that time. Monday Mang0e_, the game code reported that a female character will be coming soon.

In addition, officials Tomb Raider on Twitter, he posted messages containing women’s emojis, accompanied by a chosen emoji and a bow with an arrow. In theory, this would be a tip for bringing the heroine into the game – Fortnite Having a pickaxe is one of its characteristics.

Another fan-raised possibility is that Terminator will be released in the game, as the character’s weapons have been added, via the update. For now, these two additions are just rumors.

With information: Eurogamer.

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