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THE apple appears to be developing its first virtual reality headset, according to recent information from Bloomberg. A new report indicates that the device will have limited augmented reality features, which is a bit unusual, as CEO Tim Cook has repeatedly stated that he is more interested in AR.

Apple VR headset concept

Apple’s VR headset concept (Image: Playback /Yan Iogan via 9To5Mac)

For those unfamiliar with the concepts, let’s go to the most basic definitions: while augmented reality brings digital information to the real world, virtual reality simulates the technical universe. numbers and possibly bring users into that world.

In very popular examples, games like Pokémon Go and popular animals that Google shows up in searches are use of AR. Roller coaster simulation, in which you fully immerse yourself in a parallel reality, are types of VR applications.

You can dig deeper into the topic in our full article.

Bridge with augmented reality

If information Bloomberg confirmed, Apple is likely to use a VR device as a bridge to an upcoming device with a focus over augmented reality. Obviously, the first headset will be a niche, quite expensive, and a precursor to an even more ambitious project.

The product documents show game-driven use – which makes special sense given Apple Arcade – and video playback as well as for communication. If released, Apple’s headsets could compete with Oculus and PlayStation VR, among others.

“Mac Pro of VR device”

The high price (above the competitive price range of $ 300 to $ 900) is really a highlight. Not this is new, coming from Apple. However, international media have called the product “Mac Pro for VR devices” – and that well summarizes what we can expect, not just in terms of cost but also in terms of specs. technique.

Apple plans to put some of its most advanced and powerful chips in the headphones, along with screens with much higher resolutions than existing virtual reality products. Some of the chips tested in the device perform better than Apple’s M1 Mac processor. The company also designs the headset with fans, something it tries to avoid in mobile products. – Bloomberg

Also, not much is known about when Apple may officially launch the device. Some speculate it could happen as early as 2022, but like some of the company’s other projects, VR headsets may never see the light of day.

With information: Bloomberg

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